An Amazing Tablet PC: The MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet

Review: MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet (Wi-Fi)

I have been interested in getting a tablet PC for some time but was not really up for getting an Apple iPad because, ironically, I found it too mainstream.

I wanted something new that nobody else with tablets had and I wanted it to be able to play Flash video which I would be watching a lot of.  Enter the best tablet that is not an iPad.  And, truthfully, for my money, this is better than an iPad.  The name:  The The MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet

The reviews of this tablet, which are just coming in, are terrific.  And the features?  Abundant.  From the Amazon page, here is a listing of the various features of this tablet:


  • Next-generation tablet with 10.1-inch HD display, Android 3.0 platform, and ultra-fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Powered by NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core mobile processor; support for Adobe Flash for viewing web sites, movies, games, and more
  • Front-facing 2-megapixel camera and microphone for video chats; rear 5-megapixel camera with LED flash for high-res stills and HD 720p video
  • 32 GB internal memory; HDMI output; microSD expansion (with software upgrade)
  • Up to 10 hours of video playback/Wi-Fi web browsing

For my money though, this was about the three “P’s”:  price, performance, and picture.

The price right now for the Xoom tablet is just $599.  The performance–dual core mobile processor. 

And the picture is what I love best.  This bad boy can play movies in full screen AND play Flash files, which, in my mine, sets this ahead of the Apple ipad.


Resizing Pictures for Email and Facebook

I had to teach my mom yesterday how to resize pictures for email and Facebook.  This was a chore.

You see, my mom has now embraced Facebook as a means to keep in touch with all of us and it has been the most pleasant thing because she expects us to be on Facebook all the time.  Mom–we have jobs and are not all retired with endless amounts of time on our hand.

Well, the main thing that my mom is trying to do is put up all of the pictures that she has and tag everyone.  We are talking about thousands of photos here.  And, of course, many of these pictures are not even yet digitized.

So, I taught my mom how to scan them in about 6 months ago but now she says “all of the pictures are too big to put on Facebook or email”.

I wish my dad were doing this.  A couple of years ago my dad asked me the difference between HDMI and DVI and with very little explanation, my dad understood everything that i was telling him.  Not so with my mom.

I show her how to use this thing called the Picture Resizer for Windows XP.  Then I showed her again, and again.  Then, she asked about quality degradation when you change the size of pictures and I thought she might be getting it.  Not so fast cowboy. 

She fumbled a few more times before, after 3 hours, she finally understood how to resize her photos for email and Facebook.

Brack Picks the Superbowl

I have just completed my review of this weekends NFL championships game and reviewed some Superbowl blogs where people are doing the same thing. 

This is the most intense time of year for football and unfortunately there is not much left of it.  Normally, I can count on Sunday to be watching about 14 football games.  As most of your know, I have the NFL game pass which rules!

Anyway, now there are only two games left and while many are already learning how to watch the Superbowl online because they think that they know who will win the games, you haven’t read my assestment.

In the AFC, we have the Jets vs the Steelers.  Of course, everyone is picking the Steelers because they are at home and have seemed unstoppable.  Plus, Big Ben has proven unflappable in big games. 

However, I think that the Jets will take it.  The Jets are on a roll that will not be stopped in Pittsburgh!

On the other side, the NFC, I have a surprise for everyone.  The Bears will stop the Packer offense that everyone is talking about.  However, the Packers might just do the same. 

In spite of what they say, this will be a defensive struggle.  My prediction:  Jay Cutler will make a few mistakes and the Packers will capitalize.  The Packers will win in a close low-scoring contest!

There you have it:  Superbowl 2011 will feature the Packers vs the Jets!

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Who Makes the Best LCD TV?

Ever wonder who makes the best LCD TV?  I don’t because I buy from one company and one company only.  They ALWAYS have the best value and best technology combined. 

Here is what I do when I am wanting to buy a new LCD, which I do a lot.  I have always upgrading the size of my LCD.  (No size jokes, please!)

I head out to the local Best Buy (use to be Circuit City until they left) and check out the latest Samsungs in person.  I choose the largest at the best price and then I check what the price is on Amazon–it’s almost always lower than Best Buy.

Then, I tell them, “Look, here’s Amazon price.”  Can you beat it?  And they always do.  That way, I can take the LCD TV home that day. 

My friend got a Sharp 60 inch LCD TV for Under $2000 at Amazon which is a great deal.  Recently, I got the same one for my daughter for $1850.

As I said, I normally think Samsung is the best, but in this one instance, I made an exception and it was worth it.  She loves the TV!!!

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How To Copy a DVD to Another DVD For Free

I have huge collection of DVDs at my house and began wondering this morning how I could copy my DVDs so that I would not lose them.  After all, when you consider that I have about 400 DVDs, the price for these DVDs adds up quickly.  I am well over $1,000 for my DVD collection.  It’s probably more closer to $10,000.

So, I find an article called how to copy a DVD which pointed me exactly where I wanted to be because this article explains how to copy a DVD for free, which is what I am after.  I mean…I have spent enough on the DVDs…I don’t want to spend more money to buy programs just to copy my DVDs.

And, it turns out that there are many applications that will do it for free and, in the end, it turns out that Copying DVDs to Your Computer is not the great challenge that I thought it would be.

You need 3 things:  A program that will decrypt the DVD if necessary.  (2) A program that will copy the DVD to your computer and (3) a program that will then burn the DVD.

There are applications that perform these functions and they are all free and easy to use.  In order, they are DVD43, DVD Shrink, and Image Burner.

Find these applications and you are good to go!

Also, I discovered that you can also copy DVD to hard drive and have a copy of the DVD with you on the go whenever you want.  To do this, you need the program called Handbrake, which is also not that difficult to use.

Now, what I need is time 🙂  because copying DVDs takes about 1 hour each!

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An Explanation of HDMI and DVI

This Sunday morning the Brack Man is getting technical bringing you an explanation of HDMI vs DVI.

You may have heard of the acronymns in passing and done this:  huh?

Well, each of these are inputs on your TV or Computer.  In fact, the reason that I am researching these is to learn how to connect my laptop to my TV. 

Basically, here’s the skinny as I read in Getting Technical With HDMI .  HDMI is the new type of connection and you want to use it whenever possible.  It carries digital video AND audio at incredible speeds.

The catch here is that your laptop may not have a HDMI connection.  If it does not, then you will have to consider DVI as a connection between your laptop and your LCD TV.  A DVI cable, however, does not carry audio signals.  In this case, you will have to use your laptops headphone output for your audio connection.

Is it possible that your laptop has neither HDMI or DVI?  The answer, unfortunately, is yes.  If this is the case, you will have to use a VGA connection which still looks ok.

For me, I have the new ASUS UL30A-X5 Thin and Light 13.3-Inch Black Laptop which has an HDMI connection so I am all set. By the way, this laptop rules if you are interested.

So, this morning, I will be getting an HDMI cable and viewing my laptop screen on my LCD TV. And this my friends puts me in a terrific mood!

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The Coffee Maker Just Broke

Isn’t this a bit*h?  Thursday morning, everyone asleep, I get up to have some relaxation time before the whole house wakes up, and then I go to make some coffee.

And–BOOM–the coffee maker breaks!

So, then I wonder if the stores are open on Christmas Eve–check.  Stores are open on Christmas Eve for awhile but not very late.  Now, I check Who Makes The Best Coffee Maker?  First option was a single coffee maker.  Won’t do.  I drink 5 cups a day.  Who can use a single cup coffee maker?

Second option…Cuisanart…perfect…solid brand, makes 12 cups, good looking, and under $100.  Sold, I’m in. 

Next, see if its available this early at the stores.  Sweet, we have some stores that open very early today! 

Looks like I’ll be getting A Coffee Maker for Christmas for Christmas folks.  The Cuisanart 12 Cup Coffee Maker.  If you are getting a coffee maker, this one looks hard to beat.

Have a great Christmas everyone!!!

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Buying Your Parents an iPod is a Pain in the Arse

Ok, so my mom, nearing 70, wants to get an iPod.

Arggghhh.  This is going to be a process.  Get this…all of her old music is on vinyl.  For you youngsters, that means a record.  Yes, a record.  You remember those big old circular things.  I told her about CDs a long time ago but she said that they lack purity.

So, the other day she approaches me and says, “Brack, I want to get one of those portable music players.”  And that was my first big sigh.  This will take a mountain of work.  I know that most people think this is no big deal.  But when it’s your mom, and she still listens to records.

So, get this, her first question was, “Can I play my records through the iPod?”

Records on your iPod?  Now, do you see what I am dealing with. 

So, I decided to take care of everything at once.  Make her super technical all in one shot.  I was considering the iPod Touch or iPhone because they are both super new and will get her music, movies, photos, TV Shows, and everything in one shot.  So, I went with iPhone since I am upgrading her completely to the new world.

Plus, this will keep her busy for the rest of her life 🙂 and truthfully, she is the type who will embrace it or learn it. 

After getting the iPhone her first question was how do you transfer music to an ipod which is a reasonable question but she wanted to know how to transfer all of her records to the iPod.

Oh, boy, here we go.  I didn’t even know that this was possible, but apparently it is.  Here, you can learn how to do this.  Yes, you can transfer all of your records to mp3. 

I pointed her to this page but told her that she could also just buy the new music on iTunes, but she was insistent.  She devoured this page above and learned how to convert her records to MP3.

I just called her on the iPhone to congratulate her.  She answered confused.

I said, “Yes, mom, it’s a phone too.”  🙂  Here we go again…

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Brack Learns Spanish

The last I wrote, in July, I had begun a quest to make money online when the stock market began tanking.  This has become somewhat of an obsession for me and I am planning my life around it.

The best thing about working online is that you can literally do it from anywhere in the world–literally!  Wherever there is an Internet connection, you can do your job.  Thus, with my new career, I have been seeking out places in the world to live.  This will allow me to travel and be somewhere that is a little less expensive than being in the states.

I would rather live really well somewhere else and not have to focus on earning so much money.  True, I am making money online but it will take a while to achieve that point where I make the same that I can from my real job.

Thus, I want to spend less money.  The place that I have chose to move is Ecuador.  However, as you may know, they speak Spanish in Ecuador.  And I do not speak Spanish.  However, there are people all over the world learning Spanish and while it may take time I will get there.

In an article about the best way to learn Spanish, the author mentioned one thing that is very important to me:  Learn How to Speak Spanish well.  We often here gringos hacking up the Spanish language and I don’t want to be that guy.  I want to speak it well.

Thus, I have just purchased the Spanish program and my quest begins.  Wish me luck in my new life endeavors!!!

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Brack and the Market

Ah, I am not wild about reviewing my stock portfolio on this Saturday morning.

The market crunch has been tough.  Everybody said buy and hold.

I bought and held and now I am holding nothing.  When I check my number on CNN Finance, I see nothing positive.  I went “safe stocks” and it didn’t work.  Now, I am interested in starting a business online maybe.

What markets should I focus on? 

You don’t have to focus on the weight loss market, I just used that as an example. Then, how bloggers generate money from memberships? The thing to focus on is to be Persistent!

SO, it’s important for you to be unique, find ways to reach out and let people know why YOU are the best at what you do, and all of the ways you can support them. Everybody who searches on the Internet is trying to solve a problem of some sort whether it is how to improve their tennis game or how to lose fat. You realize that, with so many people visiting and getting pleasure from your work, there should be some kind of a payoff for you. This way you can market your products or services to more people rather an opening a shop or a company down the street. The contextual ads that are related to the blog themes will automatically generate and deliver to the blog. They need to learn from the best, so spend a little bit of money for a good program by a reputable guru, and I can guarantee you that you will make back the money that you put into this work. This will translate in a good taste of the internet’s potential for profits, because if you know how to canalize your efforts, you will likely see $100, $200 or even $500 or more in profits during your first month in business. If that person makes a purchase, you will get a pre-determined commission off of the sale. Spend 15-30 minutes a day thinking of an idea to follow through with. Lets say you put together a short report showing people how to drop 20 lbs in 14 days. You may have to find a niche in a similar market.

A lot of people are unemployed, and having a very difficult finding a new job. What could you do with an extra $8000 every month? The latter of the three is going to be the most expensive way since you are paying money for clicks, and the cheapest would be to start a blog since it is hosted for free if you use

This may not sound like much, but the thing is that when you see this figure turn up in you account, you have the certainty that what whatever you did to get such result is working and from there all you have to do is replicate it several times over to create a significant stream of income. You can sell your short report for just $5 and sell just 200 copies to make $1000. Visualize for a moment, how awesome it would be to wake up when you want, work when and where you want.

This search engines goes far and wide in their quest for dominance on the internet.  But seeing all these numbers, I know that I just want to find ways to make money fast

This is called pay per click. I think it is important that you get a good program online that can teach you the ends and outs of making money online. Don’t worry — all that means is that you need to find a process that will pretty much guarantee your success as a blogger.

But you can do both and still keep hunting for something bigger and better. Well for one a short report can be instantly downloaded once a customer makes a purchase and two it costs you no money to put it together.

First thing you need to do is find a problem that needs to be solved. 98% of all internet marketers online failed to make money. If that person makes a purchase, you will get a pre-determined commission off of the sale. I am happy to be a consistent source of support to teach clients what they can to do turn lemons into lemonade, so to speak. OK, so this is how you can make money online fast. The idea of not having enough money might cross a person’s mind, but the thing is you can start a service business if money is not available. Making money online is the way to stimulate your bank account and wallet.


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