Guest Blogging: All The Rage

Guest Blogging WorksGuest Blogging has become the rage among blogging enthusiasts.  I will investigate why this is and whether you, or I, should consider it. 

Why Has Guest Blogging Become So Popular?

Everybody is always looking for new ways to promote their website and garner more traffic.  In the past, there were many tried and true ways to do this including:  blog commenting, PR writing, article directories, etc. 

These methods of site promotion worked quite well, but they don’t anymore. 

Why not?  What happened?

Well, an alarming number of manipulators sought to get their content to the top of the search engines using these techniques.  The problem was that all of their content was “shallow”.  In other words, they were selling something, ads or products, and their goal was not quality.  It was simply to manipulate the search engines to get to the top and be able to sell their stuff.  And, they were successful.  So, in turn, Google, needing to preserve the integrity of their search engine, sought to remove these “shallow” sites from the SERPs.

In doing so, they penalized many traditional methods that people would use to promote their site.  Regrettably, many good sites were caught up in this net and suffered as well.

Enter Guest Blogging…

As these means of site promotion dissipated, people began searching for new ways to promote their sites and one of these ways is guest blogging.  Guest blogging meets the original intention of Google’s search algorithm because it is seen as one site vouching for another.  For example, as I am researching various ways to do guest blogging, I found the site 

This site connects guest bloggers with guest owners alloing people to share content and there are many sites that do the same thing.

One of the most renowned authors who writes about site promotion and guest blogging is Kristi Hines.  As a primer, you may want to read her article entitled The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging.  In this article, Kristi talks about how you can leverage guest posting to enhance your online web presence. 

Guest Blogging:  My Conclusion

If you have a great blog, it will remain anonymous unless you promote it or unless, quite simply, you get lucky.  In the past, there were assured methods of promoting your content that worked.  Now, the sea of site promotion is very murky.  Many of the old methods will not only not work, they will get you penalized. 

Thus, you need new strategies and one of these strategies that certainly works is guest blogging.  I recommend that you give it a try!

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