Will You Lose Internet on Monday?

dnschanger virusAfter reading the computer virus strikes on Monday, I was a little concerned!  How can I be without Internet?  This is not possible!

Apparently, this virus will not kill your computer but it will kill your Internet access, which is basically killing your computer.  The FBI caught the guys who did this last November and have basically made the systems that have the virus work.  On Monday, they will undo their fix.

So, do you or I have the virus, known as DNSChanger

Fortunately, there is an easy way to tell.

Simply visit http://dns-ok.us/ and if you are green, you are good.  

If you are red, be prepared to call a local systems consultant!

For my audience, I have found a few links that may help you if you have the problem.  So, I will give you these links and say a few prayers for you all that you do not have the virus.

DNSChanger Malware: How It Works And What To Do If You’re Infected
By now you’ve probably heard about DNSChanger, a piece of malicious software that has found its way onto millions of computers worldwide. On Monday, any computer still infected with the software will be unable to connect to the internet, leaving users in the dark forever. Or at least until they have to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new computer. (read more)

DNSChanger Malware Infected PCs May Lose Internet Access on 9 July [Steps to Detect DNSChanger Malware]
The DNSChanger malware is expected to cause over 350,000 computers to lose access to the internet on 9 July. (read more)

DNSChanger Malware Set to Knock Thousands Off Internet on Monday
Here’s how to find out if your computer is infected, and what to do if it is. (read more)

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