Resizing Pictures for Email and Facebook

I had to teach my mom yesterday how to resize pictures for email and Facebook.  This was a chore.

You see, my mom has now embraced Facebook as a means to keep in touch with all of us and it has been the most pleasant thing because she expects us to be on Facebook all the time.  Mom–we have jobs and are not all retired with endless amounts of time on our hand.

Well, the main thing that my mom is trying to do is put up all of the pictures that she has and tag everyone.  We are talking about thousands of photos here.  And, of course, many of these pictures are not even yet digitized.

So, I taught my mom how to scan them in about 6 months ago but now she says “all of the pictures are too big to put on Facebook or email”.

I wish my dad were doing this.  A couple of years ago my dad asked me the difference between HDMI and DVI and with very little explanation, my dad understood everything that i was telling him.  Not so with my mom.

I show her how to use this thing called the Picture Resizer for Windows XP.  Then I showed her again, and again.  Then, she asked about quality degradation when you change the size of pictures and I thought she might be getting it.  Not so fast cowboy. 

She fumbled a few more times before, after 3 hours, she finally understood how to resize her photos for email and Facebook.


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