Who Makes the Best LCD TV?

Ever wonder who makes the best LCD TV?  I don’t because I buy from one company and one company only.  They ALWAYS have the best value and best technology combined. 

Here is what I do when I am wanting to buy a new LCD, which I do a lot.  I have always upgrading the size of my LCD.  (No size jokes, please!)

I head out to the local Best Buy (use to be Circuit City until they left) and check out the latest Samsungs in person.  I choose the largest at the best price and then I check what the price is on Amazon–it’s almost always lower than Best Buy.

Then, I tell them, “Look, here’s Amazon price.”  Can you beat it?  And they always do.  That way, I can take the LCD TV home that day. 

My friend got a Sharp 60 inch LCD TV for Under $2000 at Amazon which is a great deal.  Recently, I got the same one for my daughter for $1850.

As I said, I normally think Samsung is the best, but in this one instance, I made an exception and it was worth it.  She loves the TV!!!

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