Buying Your Parents an iPod is a Pain in the Arse

Ok, so my mom, nearing 70, wants to get an iPod.

Arggghhh.  This is going to be a process.  Get this…all of her old music is on vinyl.  For you youngsters, that means a record.  Yes, a record.  You remember those big old circular things.  I told her about CDs a long time ago but she said that they lack purity.

So, the other day she approaches me and says, “Brack, I want to get one of those portable music players.”  And that was my first big sigh.  This will take a mountain of work.  I know that most people think this is no big deal.  But when it’s your mom, and she still listens to records.

So, get this, her first question was, “Can I play my records through the iPod?”

Records on your iPod?  Now, do you see what I am dealing with. 

So, I decided to take care of everything at once.  Make her super technical all in one shot.  I was considering the iPod Touch or iPhone because they are both super new and will get her music, movies, photos, TV Shows, and everything in one shot.  So, I went with iPhone since I am upgrading her completely to the new world.

Plus, this will keep her busy for the rest of her life 🙂 and truthfully, she is the type who will embrace it or learn it. 

After getting the iPhone her first question was how do you transfer music to an ipod which is a reasonable question but she wanted to know how to transfer all of her records to the iPod.

Oh, boy, here we go.  I didn’t even know that this was possible, but apparently it is.  Here, you can learn how to do this.  Yes, you can transfer all of your records to mp3. 

I pointed her to this page but told her that she could also just buy the new music on iTunes, but she was insistent.  She devoured this page above and learned how to convert her records to MP3.

I just called her on the iPhone to congratulate her.  She answered confused.

I said, “Yes, mom, it’s a phone too.”  🙂  Here we go again…

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