Marriage…and Divorce

I started having problems with the old lady right about the time that I started referring to her as the old lady.

I never thought I would get a divorce but yet is upon me.

When I was looking for a solution, I did not see reconciliation as an option. Well, in a way, I guess you are loosing a family member. All relationships are difficult…we definitely know that. The path to us working was blocked and I could not find any viable detours.

I didn’t like the thought of my x dating other people but I didn’t want to stay married either. I lost myself in our marriage and I had to find myself again. This was the toughest part.. Fortunately, our neighbors and friends provided great support. That one is not one of the skills I’ve mastered. I’m doing a little free publicity for Infidelity and divorce. This is subject to economic factors. Can marriage last forever? I believe so but, in my case it did not.. I did my best and it just didn’t work. I’m speechless that I kind of give blessing to this thought. Life after divorce is challenging but the loneliness gives way to a new freedom. You have to look forward and not backward–this is key. It became a sad truth–staying hurt much more than going. Like they say, men are from mars and women are from Venus. The whole situation made me feel very self-conscious. Love and marriage are two different things. On the day we met, I certainly thought that we would be together forever. The day that you realize divorce is upon you, it is a feeling of great sadness and elation. I felt like we were on different planets.

One can’t really argue with the logic behind it. The thing that impresses me is that a unpopular divorce kits that give you just enough free divorce paperwork. I ran with it.

I’ll break free divorce forms down for you in my carefully crafted comments about divorce mistakes that are a proper supplement to my impractical thinking . Sometimes you just can’t go on any further. I emailed them about Infidelity and divorce. In our last days together, when we looked at each other, we just knew–it was over. I read Dr. Phil’s book and tried to make it work but it was needles against a chalkboard each time we tried to fix things.

So, in the end, we gave up, which is a bummer.

So now, I’m gettin’ on with my life!

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