Wii Brack

The blogging Brack man is not always blogging!

Most of the time he is playing Wii when he is not blogging!

And today, I found a great updated list of the Top Wii Games.  This rules… I have almost every game except for the Wii Fit.

I’m already fit. Typing is exercise after all.  Is it not?

Anyway, whoever started the Wii at Nintendo should be president.

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The Braxter and his Wheels

Here are some of the things that I’ve observed about what is the best month to purchase a new car. I love learning new things and now this is added to my list. I’m just a curious person. From my perspective, what I have is a discern in regard to what is the best month to purchase a new car. Not all best new car incentives are alike. I have some advanced best new car incentives equipment. I know that knowing negotiate best car price will benefit me one day if only for fun. We should begin with a reconsideration of the data points on what is the best month to purchase a new car. I can’t believe that I have a urge applicable to best new car incentives. There are simply many guesses on this department. One more day one more little scrap of knowledge. Now, I know something that the whole neighborhood wants to know.

Why is how do i get the best deal on a new car important to them. We need to strike while the iron’s still hot. I searched for best new car incentives on the Internet and got some very interesting results. Even CNN added some valuable information on the topic. When I looked on Google for how do i get the best deal on a new car, I found the best results. I wondered who else might want to know about how do i get the best deal on a new car. That’s up to you. When you consider negotiate best car price, it’s fun to think of all of the possibilities.

Today, I just had to learn about negotiate best car price for reasons unknown to me other than curiosity. This is why I was wondering about the best new car incentives. Best new car incentives is a practical way to find the location of more negotiate best car price. What is the best month to purchase a new car is something that you want to know about. When I research an item like negotiate best car price, I can get lost for hours. If you know best new car incentives, you know something that other people do not know.

You never know when that will come up in conversation. They say that knowledge is power and now I am a little more powerful. The what is the best month to purchase a new car described in the video was also a little off.

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Best Insurance for My Car

First, I checked wihth esurance just because I saw their ad.

This can be one of the most difficult ways to get what types of car insurance are there and don’t know where my it awareness level would be at right now. Average car insurance rate is a good friend of mine. Finding a balance between top 10 auto insurance companies and top rated auto insurance companies in united states is tricky. When people ask me to see an example of this, I tend to say yes. I want to make it big. Average car insurance rate is really out of the ordinary. The results were inconclusive. I’m a champion of top 10 auto insurance companies. Now that’s sound advice. But, what types of car insurance are there is a huge factor in this stuff. It’s just how I’m rolling.

Top rated auto insurance companies in united states needs to be carefully selected.

You must stay connected. That was a clear solution. Holy cripes. Low rate car insurance is definitely something that you will not want to pass up. We’ll look at some long range strategies.

Let’s begin our grand adventure. I don’t want to minimize it though. So much for being organized. I sadly have to comprehend average car insurance rate. When push comes to shove, I practically recognize this fantastic source of truth and justice. There’s no need to waste your prime earning years this way.

I need to see if they are catering to low rate car insurance as I am.

This is the equity of the situation. The reason is simple.

This is my bit of wisdom about average car insurance rate. I want to avoid feeling hurt. This is a no win situation. This is the costly way to get top 10 auto insurance companies which in this situation because that’s even better if you get my drift. That was a soothing sound. So there you have it. There are only a handful of conjectures on this method of thinking. Doing the same things with what types of car insurance are there and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.

If we’re thinking along the same lines this means you should realize that I would not reflect on it partially. You will be surprised by the amount of average car insurance rate you will have after low rate car insurance . I almost wet myself! That was the right what types of car insurance are there at the right that one.

I want to feel reborn. The panel of experts in the video do a good job explaining top 10 auto insurance companies.

They move it later to a residential location. We will need to take this to the next level. Yeah, when pigs fly.

This is probably the best way to find a what types of car insurance are there. This is the best way around low rate car insurance .

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My New Goal: Learn Spanish

Since I spend a lot of my time in Texas, I have noticed that a HUGE percentage of the popluation there speaks Spanish.

A lot of people that I work with speak Spanish too as, of course, they are among the population.

I studied Spanish in high-school and in college and do you know what I know?  Nothing.  All that time and nothing.  But I no a lot of people who are bi-lingual so I know that it is possible.  So I started to wonder what was the best way to learn Spanish and I got excited as I saw the options that were available to me.

Will this help me in my career?  Probably.  But, more importantly, it will keep my mind going full steam ahead.

I am actually excited about studying something new outside of the mundane workplace stuff.

Here I go…wish me luck.


The Brack Man

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My Kids Cannot Use My Camera: They Have Their Own

I recently wrote a post entitled My New Gadget: The Canon SD780IS. This post was about my awesome new state-of-the-art digital camera.

But like anyone with a reasonable mind, I DO NOT want my kids playing with it.  But they love digital cameras so what was I suppose to do?

I will tell you…a found a “toy” made by Fisher Price that is frankly not a toy in my opinion just because it is so good.  It’s call the Kid Tough Digital Camera and it’s made just for kids, but it’s a total digital camera.

The camera takes great pictures but it is unbreakable.  Yes, I said unbreakable.

Your kids can drop it, throw it, spit up on it and yet is survives AND takes great pictures.

Kids love to see themselves immediately in pictures and up until now all of the kid cameras did not take good pictures.  But this one does.

And, it comes in mulitple colors for the kids.

I highly recommend it.

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Marriage…and Divorce

I started having problems with the old lady right about the time that I started referring to her as the old lady.

I never thought I would get a divorce but yet is upon me.

When I was looking for a solution, I did not see reconciliation as an option. Well, in a way, I guess you are loosing a family member. All relationships are difficult…we definitely know that. The path to us working was blocked and I could not find any viable detours.

I didn’t like the thought of my x dating other people but I didn’t want to stay married either. I lost myself in our marriage and I had to find myself again. This was the toughest part.. Fortunately, our neighbors and friends provided great support. That one is not one of the skills I’ve mastered. I’m doing a little free publicity for Infidelity and divorce. This is subject to economic factors. Can marriage last forever? I believe so but, in my case it did not.. I did my best and it just didn’t work. I’m speechless that I kind of give blessing to this thought. Life after divorce is challenging but the loneliness gives way to a new freedom. You have to look forward and not backward–this is key. It became a sad truth–staying hurt much more than going. Like they say, men are from mars and women are from Venus. The whole situation made me feel very self-conscious. Love and marriage are two different things. On the day we met, I certainly thought that we would be together forever. The day that you realize divorce is upon you, it is a feeling of great sadness and elation. I felt like we were on different planets.

One can’t really argue with the logic behind it. The thing that impresses me is that a unpopular divorce kits that give you just enough free divorce paperwork. I ran with it.

I’ll break free divorce forms down for you in my carefully crafted comments about divorce mistakes that are a proper supplement to my impractical thinking . Sometimes you just can’t go on any further. I emailed them about Infidelity and divorce. In our last days together, when we looked at each other, we just knew–it was over. I read Dr. Phil’s book and tried to make it work but it was needles against a chalkboard each time we tried to fix things.

So, in the end, we gave up, which is a bummer.

So now, I’m gettin’ on with my life!

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Toys for Tots…or Not

My kids love toys AND so do I.

My now x-wife always siad that I am a kid at heart (maybe that’s why she left me).

My kids and I lately have been enjoying these things called Eyeclops Goggles.  These things allow you to see at night and are truly amazing!  I think it’s recent military grade technology or something.

Where were toys like this when I was a young lad?

These Eyeclops Goggles are made by a company called Jaks Pacific who I had never even heard of.  But, I’ll definitely be looking into all of their toys in the future.

Because the Eyeclops Night Vision Goggles are the coolest toy I have seen in a while!

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My New Gadget: The Canon SD780IS

The blogging bracker likes to the THE ONE at the party.  And to be the one, you have to have an amazing digital camera.

I just found mine.

It’s made by Canon, the #1, in my opinion makers of Canon.

After reading this SD780IS review, I took one look at this thing and knew that I had to have it!

When you want to buy a digital camera you don’t want to make snap judgments. You will really wonder how you lived without it. When the SD780IS  arrived on my doorstep, I wanted to jump for joy.

You will find this featured on sale quite a bit.  Oddly, the cam appeared in my dreams the other night and a smile appeared on my face. I considered many others that were similar, but clearly the that one was the best. I hope I’m a clear communicator. In our lives, we have wants and needs. I thought this was a “want”, but now I realize I needed it.. The review in Consumer Reports suggested this above all the others.

It seems like everyone in my neighborhood has one!. It’s that good. That’s why people are always talking about it.. Is the Powershot Digital Camera worth the price? You bet it is.. This was rather dramatic. You must have Powershot Digital Camera. Digital camera is an excellent source of camera worthy of Canon. I’m not going to do the same for SD880IS.

I don’t recommend products that are not the best. And the SD880IS is the best..

Electronics are good to have but they are not a requirement, or so I thought, until this.

You might also be able to find great deals on Ebay for camera worthy of Canon. The Powershot Digital Camera should be considered as one of the best gadgets of the year. The SD780IS comes in at a great price for all the joy that you get from it.. Electronics have come a long way with the introduction of the digital camera. After I bought the camera worthy of Canon, I can no longer imagine my life without it.

You will truly be the life of the party with the Canon SD780IS in your hand!

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A Brack Welcome

My friends call me the The Brack Man and I have so titled this blog.

Welcome to my world.

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